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Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh reviews

ABOUT TEACHINGS: I am pleased to know about real yoga as Ashtanga Vinyasa class, anatomy class, pranayama class, meditation class, philosophy class, hatha yoga class, teaching was so clear and no doubt it’s perfect.

ABOUT TEACHERS: All teachers are perfect and well-trained professionals.
Thanks to them, I could learn what Yoga is & how I do practice Yoga. They are all sincerely kind and enthusiastic about teaching yoga.

ABOUT ACCOMMODATIONS: Comfortable room, big bed, I like the desk to study but the door is not good it’s hard to open, and balcony and window. I wanted to open the window and curtain but across my room. A family lives on the rooftop and other’s building’s room is seen easily, so I always had to close the curtain and a woman who cleans the room asked us a tip, so it’s a little uncomfortable. Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh reviews

ABOUT FOOD: Food & chef is perfect. Chef(Pankaj) & assistant(Sandi) always ask us about the taste of food and check Food. I appreciate their effort to make us satisfy Indian foods.

ABOUT SCHOOL CAMPUS:  I like Yoga hall, rooftop, reception. But it’s too much slippery…

Lana Seo

South Korea

ABOUT TEACHINGS: First very important teachings going on with discipline and on schedule. All knowledge is very clear, step by step so that’s easy to understand and memorize new information.

ABOUT TEACHERS: They are teaching with heart and kind sharing the knowledge and experience. All the teachers in HARI OM SCHOOL stay in Yoga path so for me, great Positivity feels Yogi vibration and inspiration for practice together.

ABOUT ACCOMMODATIONS: Very clean and comfortable very nice that good looking. Good location and peaceful atmosphere so allowed to set up for study and fees comfortable.

ABOUT FOOD: Satvic food is amazing, very balanced and tasty, so possible enjoy during hard practicing. Food gives us energy so fresh food and nice master chef of the kitchen.

ABOUT SCHOOL CAMPUS: Everything going on time, by schedule and also without tension. So nice organization from the head of HARI OM SCHOOL gives feeling staying at home like family energy. Thanks a lot to be here. Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh reviews

Oksana Sergeeva


ABOUT TEACHINGS: All teachings were good, just meditation classes need a more pedagogical approach, Otherwise, the subjects were very interesting. I would appreciate having more lectures in regards to alignment and Ayurveda. Also, 30 minutes’ breaks are not a good use of time. They should be shorter. Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh reviews

ABOUT TEACHERS: Knowledgeable in their field. Ashtanga teacher was not only knowledgeable but also very pedagogic. So was the anatomy one. Meditation head was a different style than I used to and it secured be preferred to discuss philosophy more than the meditation. It was also hard to understand him. Mahesh is amazing, but he shortens the lessons by 10 mins.

ABOUT ACCOMMODATIONS: Nice and cozy. Also specious. I was just wasting stuff for cleaning it and after 3 weeks the floor got really dirty. Also in the shower, I would appreciate having something to wipe the water with.

ABOUT FOOD: When the chef was here, it was delicious. He was also going around telling us about the food. The quality became a lot worse when he left.

ABOUT SCHOOL CAMPUS: It is a cozy place. What I miss is some kind of a common place where students can be together study or discuss. The Yoga hall is not the right place for this and it was constantly 40*C there. Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh reviews

In regards to the whole schedule, I already diseased in teachings section what I believe would more a major difference- shorten the breaks and introduce an alignment class. Majority of other Yoga schools have that and it is vitally important for future teachers to learn this aspect. I would also re-introduce Ayurveda.

There should be 1 longer break after lunch, but no need for such a long break after the breakfast, where we could have the alignment session.

Irena Přibová


ABOUT TEACHINGS: A. ASHTANGA YOGA: Very dedicated and professional and passionate.

B. HATHA: Also dedicated and very dedicated and professional and passionate.
D. ANATOMY: Use of a projector instead of a whiteboard would be useful and Save time.
E. PHILOSOPHY: Knowledgeable.

ABOUT TEACHERS: Very dedicated and professional and passionate.

ABOUT ACCOMMODATIONS:  Good! Bathroom drain not well leveled (a puddle of water forms around the Toilet). Has to be walked with a “squeegee” at every shower. 3 x cockroaches in the room.

ABOUT FOOD: Excellent!

ABOUT SCHOOL CAMPUS: Very good atmosphere. All personnel very caring and dedicated. If personnel learned more English, this would be an improvement for communications, but all were very helpful.


Andre Gingras


ABOUT TEACHINGS: Really appreciate all the teachings, lots to learn. I would have liked a little more time to teach Hatha pose alignment-especially related to anatomy and also spiritual parts of the asana, but this is difficult to learn in a short time. It also would be interesting and good for us to have a philosophy that is more interactive, instead of only the history ( which is also good to learn) but I think this would help us to develop a Yoga practitioner.

ABOUT TEACHERS: All teachers are very knowledgeable and gave excellent lessons. Some teachers Often misunderstand our questions and are not always fully listening to our questions which can be confusing and frustrating. But otherwise, really great. All the teachers very friendly. Hatha teacher Pratap ji is always staying late to help us in alignment, which is very helpful, and Ksenia ji is able to explain all our questions with detail alsoVikalji is always very positive- wonderful teachers. Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh reviews

ABOUT ACCOMMODATIONS: Accommodation is perfect. I don’t need much for accommodation. This room was very funny for me. I was really happy.

ABOUT FOOD: Amazing food! Always really delicious and very friendly chefs.

ABOUT SCHOOL CAMPUS: Wonderful campus. Pramod ji you have created a very good school. I really think u do everything to make sure it is the best experience.

Olivia Wycherley


ABOUT TEACHINGS: The classes were very good and always interesting and encouraging.

ABOUT TEACHERS: All the teachers are amazing. Very capable and knowledgeable within their field but also wonderful as people! Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh reviews

ABOUT ACCOMMODATIONS: The rooms are simple but clean and comfortable and the location is great!

ABOUT FOOD: The food is really good and healthy and the cooks are very nice and service Minded.

ABOUT SCHOOL CAMPUS: Good place, great location and a beautiful view of the hills from the terrace.

Sofia de Juan


ABOUT TEACHINGS: Very good program with all the basics of yoga!

ABOUT TEACHERS: Very good teachers, kind & patient and dedicated.

ABOUT ACCOMMODATIONS: Comfortable and clean.

ABOUT FOOD: Good cook but be prepared for eating mostly the same thing every day.

ABOUT SCHOOL CAMPUS: Good location in Rishikesh. A lot of activities are organized, it is very good There is a lot of communication problem about the organization in general. The month was more expensive that initial prize due to PayPal fees that were not included on the website.

Marine Charlotte Ragot


It was a very big pleasure and happy well for we to be one month in this school. Everything that I expected and even not expected found here professional teachers, who give knowledge in very special and clear way, teaching methodology, intense but not frustrating schedule, Discipline, be sure of that whole month you go deeper in learning and is now a bond of flowing in Yoga and with Yoga. It was very nice to be here like in a family-kindness, honesty, helpfulness and open hearts of a staff keep goes in full feeling you are in right place on a right time. Thank you all for the knowledge and love you spread. God bless your work. With love GILETA.

Everything was amazing!


Food was wonderful, the room was good, the class was amazing!


I really love Ashtanga, Pranayama, Hatha, Anatomy. Amazing class teachers were wonderful! Love it! I will come back again 🙂



This is a small Scholl with a nice familiar ambiance, the director (Pramod ji) is always responsible to hear and attend you at any moment.


Very friendly staff, great food, great teachers and a good timetable.


Always trying to improve. Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh reviews

Catia Bernardo


The staff and instructors at HARI OM YOGA VIDAY SCHOOL are wonderful. In two weeks I gained more knowledge about yoga than I could have possibly imagined. We had different instructors for Hatha Yoga, Pranayama breathing, Ayurveda, Meditation, Anatomy, Philosophy and Ashtanga Vinyasa and they were all fantastic. I would recommend this program to someone who is open to practicing towards self-realization.

Laura Safford


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