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Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship in Rishikesh

Why scholarship?

Hari Om Yoga Vidya School is excited to invite you to apply in our scholarships. Our 200 hours yoga teacher training scholarship is available for them, who wants to become yoga trainer and wants to share their knowledge with rest of the world. Due to many reasons we tend to drop our dreams in between that can be mental pressure, family pressure or financial pressure. So, this is the best scholarship course that are financially weak but have real to learn more. If being a Yoga instructor is all you want, sharing knowledge then does not let money stands your way. Come and apply for our scholarship programme. We select students based on the following needs.

Who can apply?

  • Motivation – Passion for learning and interest in the subject is much more required.
  • Have been practicing Yoga for minimum One year.
  • 95% attendance must be cover.
  • If you want to learn yoga to become a Yoga Teacher but struggling with finances.
  • If can be well disciplined throughout the month.
  • If you are open minded and are eager to learn new cultures and traditions.
  • Financial Needs – Few people have interest and commitment, but they are not able to pay full of the course fee, they are eligible for the scholarship part. (N.B – We offer 33% discount of the whole course fee. Student accommodation will be sharing room.)
  • Availability – We have 3 seats in each month course of 200Hrs. Availability of seats in the selected course is required. Otherwise there is an option to attain for some other batch. So, do not delay and check for Yoga Teacher Training Scholarships in India and apply soon.

NB:- If you feel that a scholarship course is for you and would like to be considered for a place, please write to us explaining ‘why you consider yourself suitable for a scholarship. We request you to understand that this is a Partial Scholarship course and that you should be able to contribute to cover your food and accommodation costs along with your travel arrangement while we take care of your course fee.

How to Apply for our Scholarship Course?

If you feel that a yoga ttc scholarship course is for you and would like to be reckoned for a place, please write in comments in the application form ‘Why you are eligible for the Yoga Teacher Training scholarship in Rishikesk, You can fill the application form through the button below, Or you can send us an email at info@hoyogaschool.com. Applications will be thoroughly reviewed by our management and decision will be communicated within 5 Days from the date of application.

Hari OM Yoga Vidya School Certified Student

Total price with scholarship: US $710.

29 days, 200h Yoga Teacher Training

Description Normal Price Scholarship
Yoga classes US $321 US $0
29 nights US $698 US $698
28 days meals US $230 US $230
Total US $1249 US $928

Syllabus Overview:

  • Recitation of Sacred Sound (Mantra Japa)
  • Yoga Postures (Astanga Vinyasa Yoga & Hatha Yoga)
  • Breathing Exercises (Pranayama)
  • Yoga Gestures (Mudras)
  • Energy Lock (Bandhas)
  • Meditation (Dhyana)
  • Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra)
  • Yogic Cleansing Exercises (Shatkarma)
  • Anatomy and Physiology (Sharira Vigyan)
  • Yoga Philosophy (Yoga Darshana)
  • Yoga Psychology (Yoga Manovidya)
  • Teaching Practice (Adhyapanam)
  • Teaching Methodology (Sikhyana Vidhiyan)
  • Art of Life (Jivan Jine ki Kala)

Note: Course duration is 2nd to 29th of every month. The first day of the course will start with an opening fire ceremony at 10.30am 3rd of the month. We advise that you arrive at least one day early (2nd of the month) to settle into your room and take your time before the course starts. However, if your journey will be a long one, you may plan to arrive a day early to give yourself time to recover from your journey.

Our Daily Schedule:

05:00 AM Wake Up
06:30 – 08:00 AM Ashtanga Vinyasa & Alignment
08:30 – 10:00 AM Breakfast
10:30 – 11:30 AM Hatha, Anatomy & Alignment Class
12:00 – 01:00 PM Pranayama Mudra Bandha Class
01:00 – 02:00 PM Lunch
02:30 – 03:30 PM Meditation, Mantra Chant Class
04:00 – 05:00 PM Yoga Philosophy Class
05:30 – 07:00 PM Traditional Hatha Yoga Class
07:00 – 08:00 PM Dinner
08:00 – 09:00 PM Assignments, Home Work
09:00 PM Go to Sleep

*Daily Schedule is subject to change.


  • The accommodation for scholarship holding students is limited to shared rooms.
  • The scholarship is available only for 200 hours yoga teacher training students.
  • Yoga Alliance Certificate, Study materials, and Classes are provided free of charges.
  • The students who have received a scholarship will have to pay an advance deposit to confirm the acceptance of their admission within 3 days from the date of receiving the scholarship. The amount received is non-refundable.
  • The excursion and other activities will be shared with students during the time at school.
  • The allotment of scholarship is at the sole discretion of the school’s management committee. The decision of the committee will be final and binding on all students.
  • Visa, Flight ticket, and transportation are the responsibility of the student.
  • The cost for the food, Classes, accommodations and other activities remains as mentioned for the whole of the course. No further discount can be made.


  • 29 Days Accommodation
  • Inauguration Program with fire Ceremony and flowers
  • Decoration
  • One Cultural program
  • Cooking Class
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Daily nutritious 3 vegetarian meals and herbal tea
  • Yoga material used during course – Mat, Belt, Bolster, Pillows, Blanket, Bricks, Zen Bench, Sandbag, Chair
  • Ganga Arati
  • Local sightseeing exploration
  • Free Study materials – Notebook, pen, Course books, Jala & Sutra Neti and handouts
  • Free Excursion
  • 200 Hrs Certificate of Yoga Alliance
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