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300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

Intermediate, Advanced

Shared Accommodation – US $1599

Private Accommodation – US $1799

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Address: Hari Om Yoga Vidya School, Near Ayur Park, tapovan, Rishikesh, India, 249192

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300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery
300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery
300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery
300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery
300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery
300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery
300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery
300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery
300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery
300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery
300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery300 Hour Yoga TTC Gallery

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300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh, India

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300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh Introduction

This 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Program is specially designed for them, those have completed 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training. It is a comprehensive Yoga Alliance approved a residential program that runs for 4 weeks along with a distance learning project to complete beforehand.  This program is an intensive course that presents a fusion of Himalayan Yoga Tradition and contemporary thinking in a fun and progressive environment.

In this program, the student will be able to apply Yoga principles in their daily life. It will help to enhance on the all Yoga subjects on Asana practice, Breathing, Relaxation, Meditation, Yoga philosophy, Anatomy and physiology, Ayurved and all other subjects. Also, we accept those students, who have completed 200 hours RYT from Yoga Alliance but wants to practice teaching classes more in order to get the confidence to teach out of the class as an advance Yoga Teacher.

What will you learn: 

During 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training student will practice more advanced postures, study the deeper level of Philosophy and Anatomy, more teaching hours to teach, self-study, Group discussions, enough time for personal evaluation.

The 300 hour yttc students will prepare a Lesson Plan to teach 45 min. Class to the 200 hours YTTC students as junior students. The Lesson Plan will be integrated class including Asana, Relaxation, Breathing and Meditation Practice. The teacher will help the students with their confidence to teach the class. There will a feedback session after the end of the class, where students can get feedback from students and teachers.

300 hour YTTC in Rishikesh Curriculum

  • Advance Traditional Hatha Yoga Postures
  • Ashtanga Vinyasa Advanced Level
  • Spiritual aspects of Asanas and Pranayamas
  • Advance Pranayam Techniques
  • Yoga Nidra Applications
  • Tantra Vidya in connection with Kundalini
  • Importance of Kumbhaka and its practices
  • Maha Bandha and its application
  • Power of Mantra chanting
  • Meditations on Chakra,
  • Yoga Philosophy of ancient Scriptures of Gheranda Samhita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipiika, Vedanta
  • Kundalini energy and its practical aspects
  • Introduction on Tantra
  • Energies of energy channels(Nadis)
  • Project and assignments for Yoga related subjects
  • Advance teaching methodology and teaching styles
  • Practicum includes student teaching at school as well as observing and assisting in classes taught by other students

300 hour YTTC in Rishikesh Course Objectives

  • Deepen your knowledge of Traditional Hatha Practice & Vinyasa Flow and its surrounding philosophies.
  • Know about the lineage of Vinyasa Flow and how it has evolved from the traditional practice of Ashtanga Yoga.
  • Explore strength and flexibility of both yourself and your students, appreciating how to maintain the body’s natural bio-tensegrity.
  • Understand the role of the anatomical aspect and connections throughout the body and their importance in sequencing a Vinyasa Flow Class.
  • Design a Hatha Flow & Vinyasa Flow class incorporating the technicalities of a Peak Posture.
  • Learn how to adjust postures with confidence.
  • Gain a contemporary insight into Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and commentaries of his sutras throughout the ages.
  • Know about Ayurveda and how to bring about balance in everyday Holistic life.
  • Develop mentoring skills that will facilitate differentiated teaching strategies.
  • Learn the traditional Teaching Methodology by following 6 steps of performing Asana meditatively.

Upcoming 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training India 2018 At Hari Om Yoga Viya School Rishikesh India

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh at Hari Om Yoga Vidya School, pioneer of Yoga Teacher Training courses in Rishikesh. RYT 300, RYT 200

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - India 2018 / 2019
02 Dec to 30 Dec 2018: USD 1599 (300-Hour Certification - Yoga Alliance - RYT 300 ) :: Available   Apply Now

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - India 2018 / 2019
02 Jan to 30 Jan 2019: USD 1599 (300-Hour Certification - Yoga Alliance - RYT 300 ) :: Available   Apply Now

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - India 2018 / 2019
02 Feb to 28 Feb 2019: USD 1599 (300-Hour Certification - Yoga Alliance - RYT 300 ) :: Available   Apply Now

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - India, 2018 / 2019
02 Mar to 30 Mar 2019: USD 1599 (200-Hour Certification - Yoga Alliance - RYT 200 ):: Available   Apply Now

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - India, 2018 / 2019
02 Apr to 30 Apr 2019: USD 1599 (300-Hour Certification - Yoga Alliance - RYT 300 ):: Available   Apply Now

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh - India, 2018 / 2019
02 May to 30 May 2019: USD 1599 (200-Hour Certification - Yoga Alliance - RYT 300 ):: Available   Apply Now

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Location (Rishikesh - India)
Hari Om Yoga Vidya School, Rishikesh
Near Ayur Park
Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249192
Price: $1599
300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh – Syllabus


Some classes will be shared with the 200 hours TTC students as they are fundamental to the practice.

Traditional Hatha Yoga – 300 hour Yoga Teacher Trainig in Rishikesh

This course will include refining of the Asanas learned in 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh. We have already completed all the basic Asanas in the 200 Hours. Here students will learn Traditional Hatha yoga Surya Namaskara(Sun Salutation)Chandra Namaskar (Moon Salutation) & important postures (listed below )of Hatha Yoga as in the sequence standing, sitting, forward bending, backward bending, spinal twisting, balancing, fire series, inversions and relaxation asana. Bellow in the Asana list we put all the Asana names alphabetical, which is easy to find the Asana name very easily.

  • Dhanurasana (bow pose)
  • Veerasana (hero pose)
  • Grivasana (neck pose)
  • Halasana (plough pose)
  • Sukhasana (easy pose)
  • Padmasana (lotus pose)
  • Garbhasana (womb pose)
  • Veerasana (heros pose)
  • AkarnaDhanurasana (bow and Arrow pose)
  • ArdhaBaddhaPadmottanasana (half lotus forward bending)
  • Ardhachandrasana (half moon pose)
  • ArdhaMatsyendrasana (half spinal twist)
  • Ardha Padma Halasana (half lotus plough pose)
  • Ardha Padma Padottanasana (half lotus leg stretch pose
  • Ardha Padma Paschimottanasana (half lotus back stretching pose)
  • Ardha Padmasana (half lotus pose)
  • ArdhaShalabhasana (half locust pose)
  • ArdhaTitali Asana (half butterfly)
  • ArdhaUshtrasana (half camel pose)
  • AshtanagaNamaskara (Salute with eight parts or points)
  • AshwaSanchalansana (equestrian pose)
  • Ashwini Mudra (horse gesture)
  • Astavakrasana (eight-twist pose)
  • BaddhaPadmasana (locked lotus pose)
  • BaddhaPadmasana (locked lotus pose)
  • Bakasana (crane pose)
  • Bandha Hasta Utthanasana (locked hand raising pose)
  • Bhadrasana (gracious pose)
  • Bhujangasana (cobra pose)
  • Brahmacharyasana (celibates pose)
  • ChakkiChalanasana (churning the mill)
  • Chakrasana (wheel pose)
  • Surjya Namaskar (Chandran Namaskar)
  • Chandra Namaskara (salutations to the moon)
  • Dhanurakarshanasana (archers pose)
  • Dolasana (pendulum pose)
  • DrutaHalasana (dynamic plough pose)
  • Dwi Pada Kandharasana (two-legged shoulder pose)
  • Garudasana (eagle pose)
  • Gomukhasana (cows face pose)
  • Goolf Chakra (ankle rotation)
  • GoolfGhoornan (ankle crank)
  • GoolfNaman (ankle bending)
  • Gorakshasana (yogi gorakhnaths pose)
  • GreevaSanchalana (neck movements)
  • Hanumanasana (hanuman pose)
  • Hasta Pada Angushtasana (finger to toe stretch)
  • Hasta Utthanasana (raised arms pose)
  • Janu Naman (knee bending)
  • JanuSirshasana (head to knee pose)
  • JanufalakAkarshan (kneecap contraction)
  • JhulanaLurhakanasana (rocking and rolling)
  • Kaki Mudra (the crows beak)
  • Kati Chakrasana (waist rotating pose )
  • KauvaChalasana (crow walking)
  • Kehuni Chakra (elbow rotation)
  • KehuniNaman (elbow bending)
  • Koormasana (tortoise pose)
  • Kukkutasana (cockerel pose)
  • Makarasana (crocodile pose)
  • Marjari-asana (cat stretch pose)
  • Matsyasana (fish pose)
  • Mayurasana (peacock pose)
  • Meru AKarshanasana (spinal bending pose)
  • Natarajasana (lord shivas pose)
  • NaukaSanchalanasana (rowing the boat)
  • Naukasana (boat pose)
  • NiralambaSirshasana (unsupported headstand pose)
  • Padma Mayurasana (lotus or bound peacock pose)
  • Padma Parvatasana (lotus mountain pose)
  • Padma Sarvangasana (shoulder stand lotus pose)
  • Padotthanasana (raised legs pose)
  • Parivritti Janu Sirshasana (spiralled head to knee pose )
  • Parvatasana (mountain pose)
  • Paschimottanasana (back stretching pose)
  • Pashinee Mudra (folded psychic attitude)
  • Poorna Bhujangasana (full cobra pose)
  • Poorna Chakrasana (full wheel pose)
  • Poorna Dhanurasana (full bow pose)
  • Poorna Matsyendrasana (full spinal twist pose)
  • Poorna Shalabhasana (full locust pose)
  • Poorna Titali Asana (full butterfly)
  • Rajju Karshanasana (pulling the rope)
  • Salamba Sirshasana (supported headstand pose)
  • Samakonasana (right angle pose)
  • Santolanasana (balancing pose)
  • Saral Bhujangasana (easy cobra pose)
  • Saral Dhanurasana (easy bow pose)
  • Saral Natarajasana (preparatory lord shivas pose)
  • Sarpasana (snake pose)
  • Sarvangasana (shoulder stand pose)
  • Setubandhasana Asana (bridge pose)
  • Shalabhasana (locust pose)
  • Shavasana (corpse pose)
  • Simhagarjanasana (roaring lion pose)
  • Simhasana (lion pose)
  • Sirshasana (headstand pose)
  • Skandha Chakra (shoulder socket rotation)
  • Udarakarshanasana (abdominal stretch pose)
  • Ushtrasana (camel pose)
  • UtthanEka Pada Sirasana (standing foot to head pose)
  • Utthanasana (squat and rise pose)
  • Utthanpadasana (stretched leg pose)
  • Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana (raised hand to big toe pose)
  • Utthita Janu Sirshasana (standing head between knees pose)
  • Vajrasana (thunderbolt pose)
  • Vasihishthasana (sage vashishtha pose)
  • VipareetaKarani Asana (invented pose)
  • VipareetaKarani Mudra (inverted psychic attitude)
  • Vrischikasana (scorpion pose)
  • Vyaghrasana (tiger pose)
  • Dwikonasana (double angle pose)
  • Eka Hasta Bhujasana (single hand and arm pose)
  • Eka Pada Baka Dhyanasana (one-legged crane pose)
  • Eka Pada Pranamasana (one legged prayer pose )
  • Eka Pada Sirasana (one foot to head-pose)
  • Pada Angushthasana (tiptoe pose)
  • Pada PrasarPaschimottanasana (legs spread back stretch pose)
  • Pada Sanchalanasana (cycling)
  • Padachakrasana (leg rotation)
  • Padadhirasana (breath balancing pose)
  • Padahastasana (hand to foot pose)
  • SuptaVajrasana (sleeping thunderbolt pose)
  • Swastikasana (auspicious pose)
  • Tadasana (palm tree pose)
  • TiryakBhujangasana (twisting cobra pose)
  • Tiryak Kati Chakrasana (swaying palm tree pose)
  • Trikonasana (triangle pose)

Ashtanga Vinyasa Sequences:

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh at Hari Om Yoga Vidya School. Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series (also known as the First Series or Yoga Chikitsa), precisely means yoga therapy. This, when exercised frequently, purifies your body and heals all sickness in preparation for deeper Yogic practice both physical as well as meditative.


Sun Salutation A

Pranayama (10:00 – 12:00 pm – By Vikal Sajwan)

Following Subjects will cover in Pranayama sessions in 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh Course at Hari Om Yoga Vidya School Rishikesh.

  • What is Pranayama?
  • Scientifically aspect of Pranayama
  • The function of the Respiratory system
  • Benefits of regular Pranayama Practices
  • Steps of Pranayama Practices
  • Contraindications of Pranayama Practice
  • Dynamic Kapalbhati
  • Dynamic Bhastrika
  • Kumbhaka
  • Dynamic Kapalbhati+ Kumbhak
  • Nadishodhanam
  • Dynamic Bhastrika + Kumbhak
  • Ujayi
  • MurchhaPranayam
  • Batkarma
  • Sitkarm
  • Sitali
  • Sitkari
  • Bhramri

Sat Kriyas:

Kapalbhati- (Stimulating the brain cells)

Neeti – ( Cleansing the nasal passages)

Dhauti – (Cleansing the intestinal tract up to the stomach)

Nauli – ( control of the Abdominal Recti)

Trataka – (Fixing the Mind)

Basti Kriya – (Complete Bowel-wash)

Sat Kriyas


Meditation (3:00 – 4:30 pm – By Vikal Sajwan)

Course Content

  • Introduction to Meditation according to ancient scriptures
  • WhyMeditation is important in our daily life
  • The scientific reason for Meditation
  • Meditation and modern life
  • Types of Meditation
  • Benefits of Meditation
  • Om Meditation
  • Japa Meditation
  • Ajapa Meditation
  • So-Hum Meditation
  • Transcendental Meditation
  • Chakra Meditation
  • Tratak Meditation with dot
  • Jantra Meditation
  • Candle Meditation
  • Contemplative Walking meditation
  • Yogic breathing Meditation
  • Dynamic Meditation
  • Mantra Meditation
  • Kirtan and Satsang Meditation
  • 61 point energy points Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra

Yoga Philosophy

  • Introduction to Yoga Philosophy
  • How to apply Yoga Philosophy in our daily life?
  • History of Yoga
  • Types of Yoga according to ancient and modern life
  • Gheranda Samhita – SaptngaYoga(seven limbs of Yoga)
  • Hatha Yoga Pradipika – Chaturanga Yoga (four limbs of Yoga)
  • Bhagwat Geeta – What is Bhagwat Geeta?
  • Types of Yoga in Bhagwat Geeta
  • Introduction of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, and Gyan Yoga
  • Application of Karma Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Gyan Yoga in daily life
  • Introduction of Sankhya Philosophy
  • Nature and creation
  • Theory of Action & Causes
  • Introduction of Yoga Philosophy
  • Discipline of Yoga (YS.Ch.1 – 1)
  • What are the modifications of the mind field (YS.Ch.1 – 2)
  • What are the Five Kleshas?(YS.Ch.1 – 5)
  • What are the Nine Vikheps?(YS .Ch.1– 30)
  • What is Kriya Yoga? (YS.Ch.2 – 1)
  • What are Astanga Yoga and its philosophy?(YS.Ch.2 – 29)
  • Conclusions

Anatomy & Physiology

  • Introduction of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Roll of Anatomy and Physiology in Hatha Yoga Practice
  • Basic understanding of the physical body
  • Movement and Postures
  • Skeletal System
  • Muscular System
  • Respiratory system
  • Digestive system
  • Nervous System
  • Endocrine System
  • Anatomy and Physiology are biological
  • Body systems and how they apply to principles of yoga
  • Key anatomical positional terms, anatomical planes, primary and secondary movements
  • Types of bones (long, short, flat, irregular and sesamoid), they will understand
  • Types of joints as well as the key structural and functional features of the joints
  • Yogic anatomy of the spinal cord
  • Chakras, Nadis

Teaching Methodology

Students of 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh will prepare for a class with a focus on time management, Timing, and sequencing, How to structure classes keeping in mind comfort and expectations of different age group people.

Art of corrections, Key points of the body to correct the postures.How to modify the posture according to the capacity, flexibility, age, gender and the physical fitness of the individuals.

Understanding any special needs/physical limitations/ constraints students may have and usage of props and modifications according to them. Use of effective vocabulary/cues, establishing priorities and boundaries, Sanskrit terminology and voice modulation will be taught.

How to introduce chanting, meditation, and pranayama to the class. How to teach the Shat kriyas and the contraindications applicable to these cleansing techniques. The practice of YogNidra and how to lead yoga Nidra classes for total relaxation of the participants. Further and deeper discussion of the business aspects of teaching yoga, including marketing and legal. 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

Advance Yoga Nidra/meditation training: voice tone, body scanning, and benefits: Students will be guided on how to train their voice to create a relaxed, soft, calm and audible voice for Yoga Nidra and meditation. Students will learn how to observe, scan and adjust the body of students so that they can continue relaxation and meditation without interruptions.

Students of 300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh will learn the benefits of relaxation and meditation on the physical and mental body. Knowledge of proper alignment, adjustment, and safety modifications.


300 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh – Each student will teach Pranayama, Meditation, Mantra chanting and Asana class under the supervision of the Class Teacher and receive feedback from RYS teachers. Students will be requested to maintain a daily journal and will be asked to share their learnings and experienced progression at the end of each week. Students will also be required to submit an assignment to test their understanding of Philosophy. These assignments will be based on the subjects covered during lectures.

What our students say about our 300 hour Yoga TTC in Rishikesh

I came to Rishikesh without any expectations and I left Hari Om Vidya Yoga School with a heart full of Love! Without any doubt, I can highly recommend the school and all the teachers that thought me so much more than Asana! During the four week course, I have learned a lot about myself, Life, India, and yoga and I will forever be grateful for this experience. Everyone was very welcomed by Promod and his family, the food was a big highlight and the accommodation was clean and everything I needed. Thank you so much for this life changing experience and I am sure I will be back one day!

Su Zi

I learned a lot during my 300 hours of teacher training in Rishikesh with Hari Om Yoga Vidya School! The whole team was very supportive, humble and trying to give you the best experience possible. The teachers were well trained, dedicated, and equipped in making the vast knowledge of Yoga understandable for the students in a short period of time. Rooms are clean and the food is fantastic. I am grateful for this experience. 300 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Larissa Ranft

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