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How Long Does It Take To Become A Certified Yoga Teacher?

How Long Does It Take to Become a Certified Yoga Teacher?

Being a yoga Teacher/instructor is a very valuable career, particularly if you have diligence for helping others to raise emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. It is your chance to touch someone’s life in a positive manner, educating them to be more resilient, how to construct their strength and how to improve their lives through Yoga.

Teaching yoga to other students is a form of assistance, and while it may seem like a fun job, it is a very focused and genuine career as well. Most of the peoples who want to become a yoga instructor/teacher usually wonder how long the Yoga training takes in order to become a certified yoga instructor. The answer varies, it depends on your commitment level of learning Yoga. Below are the basic criteria outlined to become a certified Yoga Teacher.

From Where to Start the Yoga Instructor Training Course:

The prime step in becoming a yoga teacher is to practice yoga by yourself for at least two years. You must have an essential understanding of the basics of Yoga. Here are some basic tips you can use in the class.

Yoga Alliance Logos

* Be compassionate with your pose corrections, and help your students to feel successful

* Let your students ask questions

* Try verbal cues instead of visual ones.

* Practice proper technique and methods.

Levels of Certification

There are four widely recognized levels of yoga certification:

100 hour Yoga Teacher Training: 100 hour Yoga TTC does not make you qualify to teach. This course is a part of 200 hours YTTC and designed for those who have limited time. The additional 100 hours TTC can be added to your pre-existing teaching certificate. Click here to know more about 100 hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training course or 200-hour certification course, which is something all upcoming Yoga teachers should complete. This is the least amount of time it takes for you to get certified. There is a less chance that any studio or gym will hire you without at least the 200-hour YTTC certification from Yoga Alliance. 

300 hour Yoga Teacher Training Course: An RYS 300 hours advanced Yoga TTC Course is constructed to build upon and sharpen the trainee’s understanding of the basic concepts of the teaching and practice of yoga that are usually taught at the RYS 200 hour YTTC. 

Once you have completed your Yoga Teacher Training and registered yourself at Yoga Alliance, you have earned the right to place the initials RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher) or CYT (Certified Yoga Teacher) after your name to indicate your certification. This really helps with integrity in the yoga community at large.

How Long Will Yoga Certification Take


There are thousands of yoga teacher training programs around the world to select from. They take place in the form of total immersions, which last from 15 to 30 successive days, and yoga ashrams or college courses, which take from 3 months to one year to complete. While they each offer different benefits, to meet the standards of the yoga alliance, the syllabus of training is the same.


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