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What Should A Beginner Wear To Yoga? (For Women’s)

What should a beginner wear to yoga? (For Women’s)

So ultimately you have decided to sign up for the Yoga Teacher Training course in Rishikesh (India), and you have searched everything you think you would need to know about practicing yoga. But before you join your yoga TTC program, let us remind you of one of the very basic requirements for doing yoga – the perfect workout clothes. If you are in doubt about what you should wear for your next class, we suggest you ditch your trusty Juicy Couture sweats and read on to find out what would be the ideal yoga clothes for women.

Types of Yoga Clothes for Women:

There are a lot of choices available when it comes to yoga clothes to wear for women. From styles and colors to brands and cuts of yoga clothes for women, there are a ton of options available that you can pick and match and change it up so you will feel cozy and look good in your workout clothes. But before we go into the brands and quality of yoga clothes for you, let’s first check these options out. What clothes are suitable for Yoga Classes?

Yoga Pants

Leggings, Capris, and Harlem Pants:

Some advanced Yoga students and Yoginis wear loose-fitting harem pants to classes. But if you are a beginner and just going on your first yoga class, we advise you to wear capri pants or the leggings. This is because you will need to first learn to do poses properly, you will have to repeat poses again and again. Long stretchy pants (like harem pants) is not recommended for beginners because you might step on the hem while switching from one pose to another. Wearing snug-fitting bottoms (like jogger pants) will make it comfortable for you to check the alignment of your legs, hips, and knees with the different yoga positions you will be performing. 

Yoga Tops

Shirts, Tanks, and Tops:

Most of the yoga students choose to wear tank tops made of a cotton and spandex (lycra) blend when they attend yoga classes. For one, tank tops have a snug fit and absorb sweat more effectively and quickly. Two, it is easier to cool off because of the cut. Loose teeshirts are not recommended when doing yoga because they have a propensity to get in the way of movement, especially if they are not made of stretchable material. Especially in inversions and backbends, they can hang on over your face. Some yoginis wear midriff tops (like crop top) when practicing yoga because they make it comfortable for students to see how the arms and back are angled when doing poses. It is not recommended to wear underwire bras during yoga sessions because of blocking the drainage of lymph fluid, also any bra with hooks on the back can stab your spine when you do postures on the floor. Instead, you can choose to wear the tops that have built-in pads and use sweat-absorbent material. Otherwise, a sports bra and a tank top that you can take off if you feel too warm works just fine as well.

Gloves and Socks:

Yoga is normally practiced with bare hands and feet. However, there are some who choose to wear feet gloves (or socks) and gloves when doing yoga often to get a better grip on the surface of the mat they use. Socks used for yoga are normally cut out at the toes. Those who have sweaty palms can also use to wear gloves to prevent from slipping. If you are thinking to wear socks or gloves, choose those that are made of stretchable material and lightweight.

Things to Acknowledge When Shopping for Yoga Clothes for Yoginis:

Even though it depends on the weather and style of Yoga what you will be doing. In Rishikesh, the weather is hotter in between April to October months. Yogis need to feel calm, comfortable and cool, especially when practicing yoga on hot summer days, you may want to wear shorter bottoms and sleeveless tops in summers. For winter (between November to March) you can choose to wear leg warmers, and hot leggings, and warm top. For yoga styles that are slower-paced (like Vinyasa and Yin), you can choose to wear stretchable harem pants and long skirts. Aside from weather and yoga style, there are many other factors you should check into when you go shopping for yoga clothes.

Materials, Comfortable, and Fitting:

Relaxation is the main priority when shopping for yoga clothes for women, or any kind of clothes for workout or gym. But, that doesn’t mean that you could just choose anything that would feel like cozy workout clothes. You also have to acknowledge the fitting of the cloth and the material used. For yoga class, you should wear clothes that have a prominent stretch-ability and fits a little conveniently so you and your instructor can notice your movements better. As we mentioned before, one of the best combinations of materials for yoga clothes is tank tops made of a cotton and spandex (Lycra) blend because of spandex has high stretch-ability and cotton absorbs sweat really well.

Prices and Durability:

There are many brands in the market that offer durable and stylish yoga clothes at a good price range. You do not have to pay a lot of penny on yoga clothes, but we recommend you to spend more if you want something that will last you a hundred yoga Classes. Actually, yoga has become very popular that you can find a wide range of styling clothes in a good price, so do a little research and shopping around, you are bound to find your perfect yoga accessories.

Shopping for yoga clothes for women will not be that difficult as long as you keep the weather and the type of yoga you will be practicing in the mind, and always put comfort before fashion. We cannot stress enough how necessary it is that you to shop the right kind of clothes not just for safety, but also to make the most out of your yoga session by being able to do the poses without being incommoded by clothing issues.


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